ROVA is the delivery platform built by drivers for drivers

This platform gives you live-tracking and access to 24/7 delivery drivers for all of your delivery needs

What is ROVA?

ROVA is an on-demand delivery platform that connects drivers to businesses.

No matter the volume of your delivery needs, ROVA will empower your business. From local start-ups to large-scale enterprises, this platform has you covered!

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Customize Your Delivery

Select your destination and personalize your delivery to meet your needs.


Schedule & Track

Click "Place Order" and watch your shipment travel to your destination in real-time!


Connect to independent drivers for all of your delivery needs.


Drive on your own schedule. Earn 100% of the delivery payment.

What people are saying about ROVA

"ROVA is unmeasurable as to how important they are to our customers and our organization. We are a last mile online grocer and when we don't have enough drivers, we face the problem of products going bad."

Jymmy T

Imperfect Foods

"ROVA simplifies logistical needs by connecting your system with a scalable delivery ecosystem. Stop using sticky notes in your business and start using ROVA's smart technology to enhance your customer's experience."

Thuan N


"Your outstanding support and dedication have been invaluable to our business. With ROVA by our side, we've experienced peace of mind, efficient deliveries, and continuous growth. Thank you for enabling us to scale rapidly and ensuring a successful partnership for years to come"

Michael A

Designer Choice

Why Use ROVA?

So you never have to wonder where your deliveries are again! ROVA empowers everyone, from local small businesses to enterprise-level companies. Sign up to use the contract-free delivery platform anytime and anywhere.

Start Driving Today

Join the world's only driver-first platform. Be your own boss. Make your own schedule. Collect 100% of the delivery payments and tips.

It's easy to get started.

The cloud-based platform gives businesses and drivers complete control.


Sign up for the platform and reach independent drivers 24/7.


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