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How ROVA works

Start using the ROVA Platform and you’ll have access to independent drivers 24/7 for your on-demand delivery needs.

Start on the ROVA Platform today with no contract and instantly have full access to all the features. Once you create an order, the total cost per delivery includes a service fee.
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Immediate Benefits

Sign up today and gain instant access to all the benefits and features.

Couriers at your fingertips

You’re connected to an expansive network of experienced independent drivers on your portal.

An intelligent self-serve platform

Maximize on the features of the intelligent platform with the user-friendly interface and self-serve dispatch.

Set it and forget it

The ROVA Platform provides insurance, full transparency, real-time updates, payments, and tracking.

What cities

Greater Boston
San Francisco
South San Francisco
Daily City
San Mateo
San Jose
New Orleans

How to get started

Create an account in minutes and instantly start getting your deliveries, delivered!

Simply create an account for the ROVA Platform using your email address. There you can submit an order for delivery, add a payment method, and watch as your package is qued for an independent driver to pick up and deliver.

How to create an order

It’s simple and efficient. You can submit as many or as little orders as you please a day!


Create account

Simply sign up and create an account on the ROVA Platform portal.


Submit order

Navigate to ‘create order’ from the side panel and fill in the short form for order submission.



Once picked up, the ROVA Platform provides you with real-time updates and tracking. Sit back and relax!

Price estimator

The ROVA Platform pricing is dynamic and depends on the distance of the delivery and time.

This pricing model will help you understand the average pricing estimate, but can fluctuate. Change the address and see the average pricing!
ROVA base fee + (miles x duration)

Enterprise Solution

Looking to deliver over 200 deliveries a month? Get in touch with us to discuss about your business.
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Start using the ROVA Platform today and begin scaling your deliveries.

With a feature set to make every part of on-demand delivery fast, efficient, and transparent, getting started on the ROVA Platform has never been easier. Reqest a demo to learn more or sign up today!
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